Arcade Gems

BurgerTime & Super Pool 3

December 10, 2020

Each week for Arcade Gems we highlight some lesser-known, must-play titles. These games are favorites of those in-the-know, and, once you give them a try, we think you’ll agree that they’re worthy classics.

This week’s Arcade Gems are BurgerTime (1982) and Super Pool 3 (1989).

Although BurgerTime does not fit the lesser-known category of the Arcade Gems theme, it’s definitely an all-time must-play title. Play as check Peter Pepper as you try to build giant burgers from buns, patties, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. Watch out for Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg as they try and thwart your efforts. Use pepper to temporarily stun the enemy food, or drop or crush them with the burger ingredients. It’s a madcap game of chef versus food!

In Super Pool 3 (aka, Super Pool III), play pocket billiards against different challengers in this colorful fan favorite.

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