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AtGames Digital Services

brings pioneering synergy between online and physical storefronts unique for digital game distribution.


AtGames Digital Services partners with online retailers to allow them to sell our catalog of digital games to their own customer base. Integration with the ADS platform requires minimal effort. Through our Partner Portal, our Partners can easily manage their game assortment, set and manage promotions, and view sales and financial information.

The retailers work with us on merchandising and promotions to maximize revenue opportunities.

We are dedicated to offering our Partners the newest digital games. ADS works with leading publishers to distribute their titles to our retailers.


Building on trusted relationships publishers have with AtGames,

ADS continues to foster great partnerships with new and long-standing publishers.


AtGames develops innovative interactive entertainment products for worldwide distribution. Founded in 2001 by veterans in digital media and information technology industries. AtGames sells and distributes various products in North America, Latin America, Europe, C.I.S., Australia, and Asia.


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