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AtGames®, founded in 2001, is a veteran player in digital media and information technology with a
unique focus on interactive entertainment. Over the years, our achievements have spanned retail
products, digital distribution, streaming technology, and more.

With locations in Los Angeles, Taipei, and Shenzhen, our globe-spanning office branches synergize and
evolve to produce products and services that stand out from the rest. This distinctive spirit is embodied
in our latest hit product, the Legends Ultimate, a full-size home arcade platform with innovative
connected features.

AtGames of America, Inc. (El Segundo, CA)

Product Management, Product Marketing, Technical Roles

AtGames ( is looking for talented individuals to join the team at our El
Segundo headquarters to help drive the development, marketing, and sales of the next generation of
retro console, portable, and connected home arcade products. As a valued team member, you will use
your background in consumer products and games hardware, product management, and/or technical
expertise informed by a Computer Science or Electrical & Computer Engineering degree to succeed in
this fun, fast-paced environment.

If you feel your background is a fit, are up for the challenge, and have a passion for cutting edge home
consumer products with retro appeal, please send your resume or CV to

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Role                                                   Area of Interest                               Location                           Apply        

Sales and Marketing                      El Segundo, CA

Sales and Marketing                      El Segundo, CA

Web Development                        El Segundo, CA

Operations                                   El Segundo, CA

Merchandising                              El Segundo, CA

Sales and Marketing                    El Segundo, CA

System                                         El Segundo, CA

This document is proprietary and confidential. No part of this document may be disclosed in any manner to a third party without the prior written consent of AtGames.

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