AtGames has many social media platforms where we engage with our community, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Since the launch of the Legends Ultimate arcade back in October of 2019, we have been humbled, impressed, and downright astonished by the great community-generated content on these social channels covering topics like new artwork, modifications, game room photos, pictures of the family enjoying gaming together, and so much more.

Inspired by this content, a new set of Community Generated Content (CGC) themed events will be continued during Season 5 of the ArcadeNet® Events Series. On average, there will be 1 CGC event each month of Season 5.

Standard Submission Disclaimer: By submitting your content to the link provided, you consent to the use of your name, pictures, and statements for AtGames to utilize in marketing, promotional materials, and on its website and print, in perpetuity, without notice or compensation, unless prohibited by law.

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