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Video Input Backglass Switchboard for Legends Pinball Micro HD

The AtGames Video Input Backglass Switchboard for Legends Pinball Micro HD is the ultimate digital pinball accessory. Through the AtGames Open and Connected Pinball (OCP) initiative, you can connect your pinball engine-enabled external PC to the Legends Pinball Micro HD, utilizing its large, dual-screen display and arcade controls for the ultimate in pinball, arcade, and console gaming. The Video Input Backglass Switch, or VIBS, is used to connect the PC to the Legends Pinball Micro HD’s backglass display.

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50 Tables Built-in

50 Tables built-in including Zaccaria's deluxe tables, TAITO's Space Invaders™, Bubble Bobble™ & Arkanoid™, and so much more! 

Arcade-quality Pinball Hardware

A 15.6” HD LCD playfield and 8” LCD backglass allow for authentic two-screen pinball play so you never miss a second of the high-speed, 60FPS action. Real glass over the embedded LCD playfield and LCD backglass complement the machine’s premium look and feel and allow for easy, scratch-free cleaning. The built-in stereo speakers let you hear every sound exactly the way it was intended. Two sets of arcade-quality flippers and nudge buttons keep you in full control of the action. Tactile feedback and accelerometers allow the Legends Pinball Micro HD to capture the real feel and authentic play of an arcade pinball machine, while still allowing for the incredible versatility and limitless expansion that only virtual pinball can provide.

Great Gaming

Pause, Rewind, Save, and Load functionality allows you to play your favorite pinball tables your way. A built-in d-pad and extra buttons allow for easy menu navigation and additional gameplay options from its interchangeable control panel, with future upgrades for a joystick and trackball available for authentic vertical arcade gameplay. Legends Pinball Micro is ready for everything from feature updates to game streaming to leaderboards and competitive play, and so much more.

Legends Arcade Platform

Through the Legends Arcade Platform’s ArcadeNet® functionality, you can access even more games and features. ArcadeNet® provides instant play of a growing selection of games, online play, and high-score leaderboards. With APL™ (Arcade Play Link) functionality, you can connect a variety of HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB-based devices and consoles for access to even more content.

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