Welcome to the Legends Arcade Platform!

The Legends Arcade Platform is exclusive to the AtGames family of home arcade products. Through the Legends Arcade Platform’s ArcadeNet® and BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game) functionality, you can enable access to even more games and features. ArcadeNet® provides instant play of a growing selection of games, online play, and high-score leaderboards. BYOG™ lets you play your digital PC games with the Legends Arcade Platform’s unique controls and display. With APL™ (Arcade Play Link) functionality, you can connect a variety of HDMI-, Bluetooth-, and USB-based devices and consoles for access to even more content. Through the AtGames Leagues & Leaderboards™ (ALL), the premier event and high score tracking destination for the Legends connected home arcade series of products, you can see active and upcoming solo- and team-based game events, as well as the top rankings – and where you place – for a growing selection of legendary games. You can also live stream your gameplay through the most popular services.

Special Features


ArcadeNet® is the premier games service from AtGames designed exclusively for the Legends Arcade Family products. Each game in this ever-growing subscription library is optimized for the Legends Arcade Family product's high-performance hardware and arcade quality controls. Thanks to its dedicated servers, ArcadeNet® supports instant play of every game in the library, with no need to wait for downloads.

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BYOG™, which stands for Bring Your Own Game, allows you to play games from your favorite PC-based video game digital distribution service platforms on the Legends Arcade Family products. Thanks to the free AtGames app, you can stream your game library direct from popular PC digital distribution platforms, and more using your own PC and internal network. Even better, for just $1 per hour with a minimum 10 hours purchase, you can also stream your digital game library in real-time from one of our optimized distribution centers directly to the Legends Arcade Family products. The choice is yours!

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The fun never has to end with AtGames Leaderboards HD! Play your favorite arcade games online and top the charts in our leaderboards on your own time or during our frequent weekend-long leaderboard game events, where you win BYOG hours if you take the trophy!

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More about Legends Arcade Platform

*Some features are in beta or have limited game compatibility at this time. Firmware updates to add these and other features to the platform are released on a regular basis.
** Not all models support every Legends Arcade Platform feature.


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