Release Notes

Legends Ultimate 3.0.16 (Dec 4, 2019)

**Note: If you are updating from our open beta firmware (3.0.12B/3.0.13B), please perform a Factory Reset before updating to this release. Steps for Factory Reset can be found here: .**


Known Issues

– Some arcades may experience fail-to-start problem when launching ArcadeNet titles. We are aware of this and are working on a fix. This problem does not affect the running of add-on games, built-in games, BYOG, or local streaming.



– Enabled P1/P2 controls to map separately in built-in and add-on games.
– Spinner sensitivity adjustment in [SETTINGS].



– Enabled Rewind function on more games (S/L/R functions enabled on 308 of 350 games).
– Updated default display format for some vector games for better user experience.
– QR code for online leaderboard page added to supported games.



– Stability fixes for single and multiplayer games.



– Minor UI changes.
– General performance and stability improvements.


Legends Ultimate 3.0.13B Open Beta Note (Dec 4, 2019)

**Note: If you are trying to revert back to our official releases, please perform a Factory Reset before proceeding with regular upgrade steps. Steps for Factory Reset can be found here: **

**This firmware is an experimental release and should be used at user’s own risk.**

Open Beta download link here.

USB Update Steps

– Download the .img file to your PC
– (Recommended) Verify the .img file using this MD5 checksum: bd4490bbef80e72e0325e4d5ae2e9b41
– Rename the .img file to “ha8800_update.img”.
– Put the file under the root directory of an USB thumb drive*.
– Insert USB thumb drive with update firmware to USB port on the arcade control-deck.
– A prompt should show on the screen indicates that there is an update file detected.
– Select YES to reboot the system for update. Once the system reboots, unplug the USB and power cycle.
*Note: USB thumb drive should not be NTFS format. Any of FAT16, FAT32, exFAT will work.


– Introduced limited Bluetooth (BT) Support with Raspberry Pi, see details here.
– Added Player 2 support controls for bluetooth

Legends Ultimate 3.0.12B Open Beta Note (Nov 26, 2019)

Beta link has been removed, please refer to open beta 3.0.13B.



– Introduced limited Bluetooth (BT) Support with Raspberry Pi.


Legends Ultimate 3.0.11 (Nov 26, 2019)


– Introduced Multi-player ArcadeNet, details can be found here
– Introduced Hi-score Leaderboard for Burger Time, details can be found here
– Graphics improvement for all vector games



– Added **Friend List** section for multiplayer support
– Added **Leaderboard** section for Burger Time



– BYOG time no longer ticks during Local Streaming session



– Updated key mapping UI in games
– General performance and stability improvements

ArcadeNetLink 1.0.7 (Nov 20, 2019)

Find the latest release here:

**Note: Please install this version over any previous versions, this version addresses the uninstallation issue**

– Addressed uninstallation issue on some PC setups

– Addressed issue uploading log

– Overall stability improvements

Legends Ultimate 3.0.8 (Nov 19, 2019)


– Added 4-player support with USB controllers, see details below

– Introduced Local Streaming feature, see details below

– Introduce Attract Mode (Screensaver) feature, see details below



– 4-player support using PS4/Xbox controllers. Must connect both  controllers to a USB hub when add-on USB drive is present

PS4: Cross: [A], Circle: [B], R2: [C], Square: [X], Triangle: [Y], R1: [Z], PS: [Menu], Share: [Start], Options: [Insert Coin]

Xbox: A: [A], B: [B], RB: [C], X: [X], Y: [Y], LB: [Z], Guide: [Menu], Start: [Start], Back: [Insert Coin]




– Local Streaming feature requires the Windows ArcadeNetLink App to work

– Download the installer: visit, click on the local streaming icon to download the installer and the instructions
– Follow the instruction to install the App, log into your ArcadeNet account
– Go under BYOG tab on the arcade and select the new Local Server icon



– Settings > Attract Mode requires the user to be logged in and connected to the internet

– Sort Add-on and ArcadeNet games alphabetically

– Various UI updates

– General performance and stability improvements

Legends Ultimate 3.0.4 (Nov 12, 2019)

Known Issues

– Pressing [B] during APL pairing hangs the the system, need to power cycle for recovery



– Enabled in-game aspect ratio change (build-in and locally-executable games only)

– Fixed unresponsive input after exiting add-on games

– Introduced Content Restriction (build-in games only)



– Added SAVE/LOAD/REWIND function to some of the games



– APL Pairing UI update

– General performance and stability improvements

Legends Ultimate 3.0.2 (Nov 4, 2019)


– Removed 10-game limit from add-on menu
– GPU optimization and 1080p support



– Fixed control issues with Night Driver (2600)
– Updated descriptions for some games



– Enabled auto login after power cycle
– Introduced basic wired Xbox controller support in compatible games
– Menu UI updates
– General performance and stability improvements

Legends Ultimate 2.0.2 (Oct 29, 2019)


– Fixed audio issue in Tron



– Added on screen message for USB keyboard/mouse requirement



– Added ArcadeNet™  URL at sign-in window

– General bugfixes and stability improvements

Legends Ultimate 2.0.0 (Oct 25, 2019)


– Updated game filter (some filters require ArcadeNet sign-in)

– Consolidated [Arcade] and [Console] menus



– Enabled free beta access

– QR code sign-in



– Revamped menus

– Broadcast message feature (press Z in any menu)

– Bugfixes and stability improvements


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