Asuka & Asuka

July 15, 2021

ArcadeNet® is the premier games service from AtGames designed exclusively for the Legends Arcade Family of products. Each game in this ever-growing premium library is optimized for the high-performance hardware and arcade quality controls found on these products. Thanks to its dedicated servers, ArcadeNet® supports instant play of every game in the library, with no need to wait for downloads.

Each week, we highlight an ArcadeNet® game that supports universal global leaderboards. This week’s ArcadeNet® highlight is Taito’s Asuka & Asuka, which was first released in 1989.

In this vertically-scrolling shooter, Earth is invaded by Galaxy Highters in the future (1996, in accordance with the game’s release date). Using space-time manipulation, the Galaxy Highters are able to invade several timelines throughout Earth’s history, while occupying each simultaneously. Earth fights back with the “Flying Bird” (“Asuka” in Japanese), a jet fighter capable of time travel, enabling it to fly into the occupied timelines and take down the invaders.

Each stage in Asuka & Asuka represents a certain time zone and has its own set of enemies in the air and on the ground. It begins in a modern-day port city with futuristic enemies, and then thrusts the player into a prehistoric landscape with dinosaurs shooting fireballs at your ship!



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