Pinball Classics

Black Hole & Rescue 911

January 9, 2021

For Pinball Classics, each week we highlight great premium commercial virtual pinball tables for play, either natively or via streaming, on your Legends Arcade Family device. In addition to their built-in features, these virtual pinball tables have full universal global leaderboard support thanks to the Legends Arcade Platform.

Playable via BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game), which allows you to stream your favorite PC-based video games from PC digital distribution platforms on your Legends Arcade Family product in real-time either from one of our optimized distribution centers (Cloud BYOG™) or for free from your own Windows PC using the LegendsLink app (formerly ArcadeNetLink), Black Hole and Rescue 911 bring the virtual pinball fun. 

Available for purchase via Direct2Drive (D2D) for play on Steam, Black Hole and Rescue 911 feature full AtGames universal global leaderboard support when played via Cloud BYOG™. As long as you get a score higher than the default high score in The Pinball Arcade, you enter your initials, and the high score displays on the scoreboard, the necessary synchronization file will automatically be exported after leaving Cloud BYOG™. 

Black Hole is a visually stunning pinball game from 1981 is notable for having two playfields. The top playfield has traditional pinball play, while the lower, recessed playfield, slopes away from the player, creating a unique type of challenge that brings to mind the intense gravitational pull of a black hole. Black Hole’s slick outer space theme and synthesized speech further distinguish this exceptional table.

With a playfield based around real-life disaster scenarios like saving people from wildfires and flashfloods, and emergency medical missions, Rescue 911 (1994) brings the intensity. A magnetic helicopter can lift the ball from the table and the wizard mode starts a light and sound show that features an EKG heartbeat sound.


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