Arcade Classics

Kuri Kinton

June 10, 2021

For Arcade Classics, we highlight titles that exemplify the type of “just one more quarter” gameplay found in the classic arcades of a bygone era. These Arcade Classics have found a new home on the Legends Arcade Family of products, where their timeless, approachable gameplay can be enjoyed by new generations of players.

This week’s Arcade Classics highlights the excellent TAITO arcade game, Kuri Kinton. This game is built into the Legends Ultimate and Legends Gamer series and feature full leaderboard support

In Kuri Kinton, which first hit arcades in 1988, play as a police agent who is a fighter who is out to destroy a terrorist organization and rescue Chris and his family. Punch, kick, crouch, jump, and run through the stages as you fight off enemies, avoid traps, and fight bosses.


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