Firmware Update

Release Notes – Week 18 (2021)

May 6, 2021

Legends Universal Firmware v5.32 (May 6, 2021)


  • PixelcadeX update.


  • PixelcadeX: Zaccaria logos added.

NOTE: For support for third party apps such as this one, please contact the third party app developer.


  • Minor UI improvements.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Known Issues

  • [FarSight Studios Tables] Some FarSight Studios pinball game button mapping UI discrepancy. Currently, the REWIND icon is displayed to start a game, however, the A button must be used.
  • [Lobby] Voice chat session can take upwards of 60 seconds to establish a connection.
  • [Gamer Series] Certain routers may experience issues with maintaining consistent connections.
  • [FarSight Studios/Zaccaria Pinball Tables] Some users may see a non-default camera view, which may be different from global settings, the first time they load a table. This problem goes away after a user confirms preferred settings and restarts the table.
  • [CoinOPSX] CoinOPSX has issues exiting when connected via Bluetooth mode. The user can set the controller mapping setting option to map the AtGames control deck buttons, including “rewind,” as a workaround.
  • The pinball game Gladiator has minor performance issues while in portrait mode.
  • You may lose control of the external device in OTG mode; reseating the USB cable should fix this.
  • Button remapping does not carry over to certain features like ArcadeNet® FlashDriveX titles or the CoinOpsX Front End. This is currently being worked on.
  • Not all controllers are compatible with the Legends Core button mapping system.

Legends Pinball Firmware v5.32 (May 6, 2021)


  • Improved stability and bug fixes.


  • Minor UI improvements.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Known Issues

  • The Leprechaun King team play DMD is displaying upside down.
  • OTG tile is not currently working. Please use the HDMI option under SETTINGS as a solution.
  • Certain users are experiencing frame skipping issues when connecting external devices to the Legends Pinball via USB and HDMI. This is currently being worked on.
  • Attract mode in-game is not implemented.
  • [FarSight Studios Tables] FarSight Studios in-game volume is louder than set default volume.

About the Release Notes

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About the Legends Universal Firmware

Supported devices in this release of the Legends Universal Firmware update include Legends Ultimate 1.0 (350 games version), Legends Ultimate 1.1 (300 games version), Legends Gamer Pro, Legends Gamer Mini, Legends Core, and Legends Connect.

About the Legends Pinball Firmware

Supported devices in this release of the Legends Pinball Firmware include the Legends Pinball.

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– New and/or enhanced features.

– Further improvements to performance.

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