Firmware Update

Release Notes – Week 2

January 14, 2021

Legends Universal Firmware v5.17 (Jan 13, 2021)


  • ArcadeNet® 1.0 updates.


  • New games added:
    • Galaxy Gunners
    • Snowboard Championships
    • Thunder Hoop
  • Added on-device subscription flow.


  • Removed Cloud BYOG™ 2020 icon.


  • Minor UI improvements.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Known Issues

  • [Gamer Mini] Certain routers may experience issues with maintaining consistent connection.
  • [FarSight Studios Pinball Tables] Some users may see a non-default camera view, which may be different from global settings, the first time they load a table. This problem goes away after a user confirms preferred settings and restarts the table.
  • The pinball game Gladiator has minor performance issues while in portrait mode.
  • [Website] Our website may have issues when submitting UUID/checking out/etc. from certain IPs.
  • You may lose control of the external device in OTG mode; reseating the USB cable should fix this.
  • Some stability issues with Bluetooth 5.0 headsets.
  • [ALU1.1/Gamer] Control Mirroring only works when the control deck is connected via USB.
  • If you encounter the VPX tables not responding to user input, exiting and reopening the table may fix this. This is a known issue and we are addressing it shortly.
  • [ALU1.0] Pinball game pack tables will not run properly when the Internet connection is intermittent.
  • It is possible that random Cloud-pinball titles to lack audio when launched.
  • Private policy agreement displays when user signs-out of their ArcadeNet® account.
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