Firmware Update

Release Notes – Week 41 (October 14, 2021 v5.54)

October 14, 2021

Legends Universal Firmware v5.54 (October 14, 2021)


  • [All Legends Devices] Five Zaccaria pinball tables are added to ArcadeNet® Standard for an October 14, 2021, 9PM PT/11PM CT/12AM ET release:

(1) Earth Wind Fire 2017

This elemental table is a remake version of the original Earth Wind Fire table from 1981 and features 5 modes, 6 times bonus multiplier, and multiball with 3 balls.

(2) Mexico ‘86

This solid-state pinball kicks in from 1986 and features a mini soccer playfield section and 5 special targets.

(3) Spooky Retro

This supernatural table is a retro version of the original Spooky table from 1987 and features pop bumpers and eject holes.

(4) Tropical

This eletro-mechanical vacation-themed pinball is originally from 1974 and features spot targets and pop bumpers.

(5) Wood’s Queen

This electro-mechanical pinball from 1976 features a jungle theme, drop targets, spot targets, and pop bumpers.

Built-in Games



Five Zaccaria pinball tables are added to ArcadeNet® Standard for October 14 release (see Highlights above).


  • Minor UI improvements.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Known Issues and Notes

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About the Legends Universal Firmware

Supported devices in this release of the Legends Universal Firmware update include the Legends Ultimate series, Legends Gamer series, Legends Core series, Legends Connect, and Legends Pinball.

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