Firmware Update

Release Notes – Week 47

November 25, 2020

Legends Universal Firmware v5.12 (November 25, 2020)


  • New and expanded universal leaderboards! See details below.
  • CoinOPSX 1.2 (updates to this third party app provided by the CoinOPS team)


  • New leaderboard games added. Compete for an online high score (!:
    • Class of 1812 (Pinball Classics)
    • Goin’ Nuts (Pinball Classics)
    • Starship Troopers (Pinball Classics)
    • Gun & Frontier (Arcade Classics)
    • Metal Black (Arcade Classics)
    • Chameleon (Family Arcade Classics)
    • Gondomania (Arcade Gems)
    • Sky Fox (Arcade Gems)
    • Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (ArcadeNet®)


  • Mouse cursor no longer disappears after using Windows’ virtual keyboard in Cloud BYOG


        1. Prepare a CoinOPSX (cox) USB drive.
        2. Create two sub-folders in the cox folder on your USB drive. One folder is called playlist_art and the other is playlists.
          1. The playlist_art folder is for the playlist’s image.
          2. playlists is for the .txt file that contains the names of the UCE files.
        3. Create a .png image that is either 998 (width) x 291 (height) or 590 (width) x 225 (height), then place it into the playlist_art folder. Each image name should match the playlist name it is intended for. Note: Naming for all steps is case-sensitive and must match to work correctly.
        4. Create a .txt file using Notepad or equivalent, then save it to the playlists folder. The title will be the playlist’s name, e.g., a playlist named fightinggames.txt will have an image named fightinggames.png created in Step 3.
        5. Edit the .txt file. List the names of the UCE’s you would like to display in this list. In the text file you want to copy the name of your UCE file only with NO EXTENSIONS and NO SPACES or other characters after the name of the game at the end of the file name. An easy way to ensure accuracy when using Windows is to select a game name, press F2 or right click and Rename, then press CTRL+C to copy the name of the game UCE. You can then paste the file name in your playlist .txt file. Do this for all games you want to add to this playlist, then save your .txt file.
        6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to create more playlists.
        7.  You do not need to run the AddOnX tool on your USB drive if you have already done so and are just adding playlist artwork and playlists. Note: Playlist Favorites, All, and Last Played will automatically be created using the CoinOPSX app on the ALU. If you want to make images for those playlists, add images named all.png, favorites.png, and a lastplayed.png to your playlist_art folder.
        8. Insert the USB drive into your arcade device and enter the CoinOPSX app. When in the app, press the X button or equivalent to switch between filters.[CoinOPSX] Filter function added in v1.2. To use this feature, please do the following:
          Fixed issue displaying offline token count for CoinOPSX.


Minor UI improvements.
General performance and stability improvements.

Known Issues

  • You may lose control of the external device in OTG mode; reseating the USB cable should fix this.
  • Some stability issues with Bluetooth 5.0 headsets.
  • CoinOPSX (support for this third party app provided by the CoinOPS team):
    • Having both pUCE and CoinOPSX USB drives in each USB slot may cause abnormalities.
      [ALU1.1/Gamer] Control Mirroring only works when the control deck is connected via USB.
      [ALU1.0] New sorting order is not supported on game pack titles yet, it will be corrected with game pack updates.

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