Arcade Gems

Super Breakout and Tempest

November 19, 2020

Each week for Arcade Gems we highlight some lesser-known, must-play titles. These games are favorites of those in-the-know, and, once you give them a try, we think you’ll agree that they’re worthy classics.

This week’s Arcade Gems are definitely not lesser-known, but are certainly in the must-play category: Super Breakout (1978) and Tempest (1981). These two all-time classics will give your spinner or trackball a real workout.

In Super Breakout, earn as many points as possible by deflecting the ball with your paddle and destroying bricks at the top of the playfied.

In Tempest, use a Blaster to destroy enemy targets as they flash up the playfield corridors. The Blaster is limited to the rim of the playfield, so you must rotate and dodge back and forth around the edge to score and avoid being hit by an enemy. Make judicious use of the Super Zapper to clear the screen of enemies.

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