October 28, 2020

ArcadeNet® is the premier games service from AtGames designed exclusively for the Legends Arcade Family of products. Each game in this ever-growing premium library is optimized for the high-performance hardware and arcade quality controls found on these products. Thanks to its dedicated servers, ArcadeNet® supports instant play of every game in the library, with no need to wait for downloads.

Each week, we highlight an ArcadeNet® game that supports universal global leaderboards. This week’s ArcadeNet® highlight is SNK’s Vanguard, which was first released to arcades in 1981.

Vanguard by Moby Games

Take control of one or two rebel commandos as they raid an island to free it from the rule of a tyrannical dictator. You’ll not only need to vanquish enemy soldiers along the way, but also rescue hostages, collect weapons, and jump into tanks!

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